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Hello, this is blog author Mochitake.


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  • A money expert with over 10 years of experience in asset management and business management from individuals to listed companies and a financial planner (FP) qualification
  • Utilizing work experience at a major financial institution, managing personal assets in stocks, bonds, FX, virtual currency, etc.
  • Job hopper who has won the job offer of a super-major company representing Japan many times after changing jobs at the bottom of the second new graduate and inexperienced occupation
  • Overtime hours Over 100 hours a month Black By enduring corporate life and accumulating skills, gaining the ability to change jobs without being tied to one company
  • Self-taught enthusiasts who self-taught university entrance exams, TOEIC 900 acquisition, bookkeeping level 1 acquisition, tax accountant examination, etc.
  • On the Mochitake blog that is in operation, know-how such as job change, side business, investment based on actual battle experience, daily awareness, etc. are disseminated.
  • Lives in Tokyo



  • Financial planner (CFP with the highest FP qualification)
  • Tax accountant examination (Corporate Tax Law)
  • Nissho Bookkeeping Test Level 1
  • TOEIC900



Japan has been experiencing a declining birthrate, an aging population, and a low-growth society for more than 20 years, and it is difficult to be rewarded just by doing the work in front of us without thinking about anything.


While salaried workers have the advantage of earning a stable income, they are also inconvenient occupations where they cannot choose who they work with, what they do, or where they work. Of course, it is important for office workers to produce results in their main business, but on the other hand, it is also true that their abilities and efforts may not always be rewarded.


I think we are in an era where the following are necessary for office workers

  • Even if there is an event that forces you to change jobs, you can get a job from another company by yourself.
  • Ability to diversify income sources and stabilize the economy by performing multiple jobs (side jobs) other than the main business
  • The ability to benefit from global economic growth while protecting assets from inflation through investment



In this blog, I share the know-how I have learned and practiced, such as changing jobs, side jobs, and investment.


I myself was a rural student who lived a life unrelated to studying until the fall of my third year of high school, and it is quite different from my colleagues who have progressed from childhood in the city to gifted education → examination war → super-major companies. I think I’ve grown up. That is why I think that disseminating what I have learned and practiced can be a reference for the so-called “ordinary people” who are the majority of the world.


It would be a great pleasure if even one person could refer to this blog and start taking actions to step up his or her career and daily life. I myself would like to act every day so as not to lose to the readers.


Feel free to send us your opinions, questions, messages, etc. from the Twitter message or the inquiry page. Then, please enjoy the Mochitake blog.





【Credentials (Financial Planner CFP)】

Credentials (Financial Planner CFP)